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Primitive Age

Out-of-date Information

The information contained in this article is not up-to-date and will not be maintained. For documentation, install Patchouli, an in-game rich documentation viewer.

Welcome to Assembly Line Machines!

This mod is a complete overhaul to base MC with emphasis on automation and automated processing. This guide will completely walk you through everything from the early game, to the complex late game systems!

The first thing you're going to want to do is take a Pickaxe of mining level Diamond or higher (e.g. Iron Pickaxe) and venture into the earth to look for Titanium Ore (Found between Y8 and Y16), which can be smelted into bars for later use.

Titanium and its Deepslate variant

(Titanium and its Deepslate variant)

Titanium Bars

Fluid Bath

Your first recipes will be made in the fluid bath.

Fluid Bath

Fluid bath recipes take 2 items and a liquid to produce new materials for you to use. First RIGHT-CLICK with the fluid used for the recipe, and then with the two items at which point the fluid should turn a different color (Pictured below).

Fluid Bath w/ Valid Recipe

The next step once you have a valid recipe in the fluid bath is to make a stirring stick, note that stirring sticks use durability to process recipes so it's useful to have a couple on hand! (Your first ones will be made out of wood, though stronger ones will be available later on in progression)

Stirring Stick

Once you have a stirring stick or two created, simply hold RIGHT-CLICK on the fluid bath with the stick in your main hand to start creating the recipe. After a few seconds a portion of the fluid inside the bath will be consumed and it will spit out the desired item!

Be careful!

If an invalid recipe is loaded into the fluid bath and processed, it will produce sludge instead of the desired product, so be careful when putting in your recipes!

The first recipe you will need to make using the fluid bath is Silt which is made using gravel and sand in the fluid bath with water (if you mess up, simply SHIFT+RIGHT-CLICK to clear the recipe), which you can then craft into silt bricks for the next step!


Silt Bricks

Manual Grindstone

With silt bricks now acquired, you're ready to craft the Manual Grindstone for the next set of processing!

Manual Grindstone

Once crafted, the manual grindstone also requires various blades for functioning. Blades, like stirring sticks, also have a durability associated with them that will decrease as you grind (your first one will be made out of titanium, though stronger ones will be available later on in progression).


Blade pieces require nuggets for the recipe

Titanium Blade Piece

Titanium Blade

Once you've crafted the blade, simply RIGHT-CLICK on the manual grindstone with the blade to attach it (You may also SHIFT+RIGHT-CLICK to remove it from the grindstone)

Manual Grindstone w/ Titanium Blade


Grinding down raw ores on the manual grindstone will yield twice the output as opposed to normal smelting!

Now with your grindstone you are able to grind down bars and other materials into dusts for further use, simply hold RIGHT-CLICK with the item you wish to grind in your main hand and after a couple of seconds it will be turned into the ground version of itself!

Producing Your First Steel

With both the fluid bath and manual grindstone acquired you are ready for the final piece of progression in this age! What you will need is a fair amount of ground iron and ground gold (acquired from either bars or raw ore in the manual grindstone), once acquired you can combine the ground iron & ground gold with silt and water in the fluid bath to yield Gold Silt and Iron Silt. Simply smelt the Ore Silts to acquire their pure variants, you will need many pure bars for future progression!


This process can also be done for both Titanium and Copper, though they are not useful at this point in the progression

Ore Silts

Pure Ingots


The following section will require a lot of lava for use in the fluid bath, you may want to keep a bit a of a stockpile on hand!

The next two things you'll want to make are upgrades to your stirring stick and grindstone blade.


This recipe uses pure iron.

Pure Iron Stirring Stick

For the Pure Gold-Dipped Blade, you will first want to combine a titanium blade piece and a pure gold ingot with lava in a fluid bath.

Be careful!

Any fluid bath recipes involving hot liquids such as lava will require a pure iron stirring stick or higher

Pure Gold-Dipped Blade Piece

Pure Gold-Dipped Blade

Once you have the pure gold-dipped blade, you will be able to start making steel which is the final product of this age and required to move on to the next! To start making steel you will first need to grind down either Coal or Charcoal into their ground variants.


Grinding down coal or charcoal requires a pure gold-dipped blade to be attached to the manual grindstone.


Ground charcoal is made in the exact same way, and may be used interchangeably with it's regular counterpart

Ground Coal

The final step involves combining your ground coal and ground iron with lava in a fluid bath, this will yield your first ingot of steel as well as your advancement to the Crank-Age!

Steel Ingot


Once you've acquired your first ingots of steel, you may also want to further upgrade your stirring stick and grindstone blade as you will need quite a bit of steel to move onto the next age!

Steel Stirring Stick

Steel Ingot

Steel Ingot

End of Chapter