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Upgrading Recipes

The Upgrading recipes are for processes you want to happen when you use an Upgrade Kit in-world on a specified block. Using this process, you are able to specify slot transformations which relocate stored items into specific new slots.

1.18.2+ Feature

This recipe type was made available in Assembly Line Machines 1.18.2-1.4, as a new mechanic.

Recipe Specification

Recipe namespace: assemblylinemachines:upgrade_kit.

  • input_block: Ingredient, required
    The input block of the recipe.
  • upgrade_kit: String, required
    The type of Upgrade Kit used to upgrade the machine to the next level. Accepts ELECTRIC or MKII.
  • output_block: Namespace, required
    The resulting block that is created during the operation.
  • slot_copy: Key-Value Set, optional
    If set, this will specify slots from the origin machine and which equivalent slot should the stack contained be placed in within the destination machine. If a slot number is not set, or if slot_copy as a whole is not set, the Upgrade Kit will instead eject the item. For an example of formatting, view below.


This is an example of an Upgrading recipe. In this example, this allows the upgrade of Kinetic Grinder to Electric Grinder using the Electric Upgrade Kit. Slot 1 is copied, as it is the input slot in both machines. Since the Electric Grinder does not need a Blade to operate, there is no slot to move the Blade from slot 0 in the Kinetic Grinder to, so the Blade is ejected when the upgrade kit is used.

    "type": "assemblylinemachines:upgrade_kit",
        "item": "assemblylinemachines:kinetic_grinder"
    "upgrade_kit": "ELECTRIC",
    "output_block": "assemblylinemachines:electric_grinder",
        "1": 1