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Milling Recipes

The Milling recipes are available for the Lumber Mill processing. Typically, this will be to create wood-based items, like Planks.

Recipe Specification

Recipe namespace: assemblylinemachines:lumber

  • input: Ingredient, required
    The item or block to process.
  • output: ItemStack, required
    The resulting primary item from the recipe.
  • secondaryoutput: ItemStack, optional
    The optional secondary output produced as a byproduct of the recipe.
  • opbchance: Decimal between 0-1, optional
    The chance to produce the secondary output, between 0% and 100%. If secondaryoutput is set, this must be too.


The Lumber Mill is influenced by the Extra Output Machine Upgrade. Depending on the number of upgrades, the chance to generate will be multiplied by either 1.5x, 2x, or 2.5x.
The chance is also doubled when the recipe is performed in the MKII Lumber Mill.

  • time: Positive Integer, required
    The time required to process the recipe. 1 is equal to 0.8 seconds of processing time. Every Speed Upgrade in the machine will cut this processing time in half.


Below is an example of a Milling recipe. This will process a Warped Stem and produce 6 Warped Planks, with a chance to produce Warped Sawdust.

    "type": "assemblylinemachines:lumber",
        "tag": "minecraft:warped_stems"
        "item": "minecraft:warped_planks",
        "count": 6
        "item": "assemblylinemachines:warped_sawdust"
    "opbchance": 0.10,
    "time": 6