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Generator Fluid Recipes

The Generator Fluid recipes define which fluids may be used in the various Fluid Generators, currently the Geothermal and Combusion Generator, either as a Fuel or as a Coolant, as well as defining the strengths of each.

1.18+ Feature

This recipe type was made available in Assembly Line Machines 1.18-1.3.5. Prior to this version, Generator Fluids were set through the common configuration file, and was not a recipe.

Recipe Specification

Recipe namespace: assemblylinemachines:generator_fluid

  • fluid: Namespace, required
    The namespace for the fluid that should be consumed. The amount will always be 1,000 mB per operation.
  • generator: String, required
    The type of generator that this is used in. Valid inputs are GEOTHERMAL, COMBUSTION, or COOLANT. If the generator type is COOLANT, it will be valid in all generators as a coolant. Otherwise, it will be a valid fuel for one generator only.
  • fe: Positive Integer, optional
    The amount of FE 1,000 mB of fuel should generate with no Speed Upgrades. The average amount per tick varies depending on the upgrades installed as well as the fluid.
  • coolantstrength: Positive Decimal, optional
    The multiplicative value of the coolant on the fuel. The total lasting time of the fuel will be multiplied by this value.


If the value for generator is COOLANT, coolantstrength must be set or the recipe will fail to load, but you do not need to set the fe field, as it is not a fuel, but a coolant. Any other generator type, and vice versa: fe must be set but coolantstrength does not.


Below are examples of a coolant as well as a fuel.

Diesel, when used in a Combustion Generator, will produce 1,050,000 FE over the lifecycle of the fuel burning.

    "type": "assemblylinemachines:generator_fluid",
    "generator": "COMBUSTION", 

Water provides a 2x bonus to all fuels when provided as a coolant.

    "type": "assemblylinemachines:generator_fluid",
    "generator": "COOLANT",