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Experience Mill Recipes

The Experience Mill recipes are available for Book Mode enchanting while inside of the Experience Mill. All are to create a predefined Enchanted Book from a Book, any item, and Liquid Experience.

Recipe Specification

Recipe namespace: assemblylinemachines:enchantment_book

  • input: Ingredient With Count, required
    The item to be combined with the book to produce an enchantment.
  • enchantment: Namespace, required
    The enchantment that will be applied to the Book.
Enchantment Level Calculations

Depending on the number of Exp. Mill Level Upgrades there are inside of the machine, the level of the enchantment applied to the book will be directly impacted.
Running the recipe with 0 upgrades will result in a Level 1 enchantment every time.
Running the recipe with 1 upgrade will result in an enchantment one-third of the maximum level available for that enchantment, rounded up to the next nearest level. For example, minecraft:sharpness would produce a Sharpness II book, but minecraft:fortune would still only produce Fortune I.
Running the recipe with 2 upgrades will result in an enchantment two-thirds of the maximum level available for that enchantment, rounded up to the next nearest level.
Running the recipe with 3 upgrades will result in the maximum level enchantment available.

  • cost: Positive Integer, required
    The base 'cost' to apply the enchantment to the Book.
Cost Calculation

The cost is used both to determine the length of the recipe as well as the required Liquid Experience to perform the recipe. 1 cost is equivalent to 0.5 seconds and 1 mB of Liquid Experience.
The actual result to the processing time and mB usage, in practice, is increased exponentially depending on a number of factors. If Speed Upgrades are present, the processing time is decreased by 25% and the mB usage is increased by 10% for each upgrade.
Finally, the processing time and mB usage is multiplied by the level of the enchantment being produced (See Enchantment Level Calculations above) to get the final resulting true cost to the player.

  • amount: Positive Integer, removed in 1.18.2-1.4
    The count of the input required for every 1 level of the enchantment. To specify count in newer versions, use an Ingredient With Count.


Below is an example of an Experience Mill recipe. The Experience Mill will use 1 Emerald to create an Enchanted Book containing Fortune I.

    "type": "assemblylinemachines:enchantment_book",
        "item": "minecraft:emerald"
    "enchantment": "minecraft:fortune",
    "cost": 125