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Entropy Reactor Waste Recipes

The Entropy Reactor Waste recipes are available for the output from the Entropy Reactor, every time it finishes an operation.

Recipe Specification

Recipe namespace: assemblylinemachines:entropy_reactor

  • output: ItemStack, required
    The waste produced by the Reactor after every successful operation.
  • varietyReqd: Decimal between 0-1, required
    The minimum Variety required in the Reactor to produce this output, between 0% and 100%.
  • odds: Decimal between 0-1, required
    The chance to generate one unit of this waste upon a successful operation, between 0% and 100%.
  • max: Positive Integer, required
    The maximum amount of this waste the Reactor will attempt to generate after every successful generation of this waste.
How the Waste is Picked

The Reactor will only generate one type of waste every successful operation, and the priority for generation is in decending order based on varietyReqd. At which point, additional 'passes' are attempted to generate up to the max value. For example, in the base mod, assemblylinemachines:strange_matter requires 80% Variety at an 80% chance, and has the highest varietyReqd. As long as the Variety is satisfied, the Reactor will produce this item 80% of the time. The remainder of the time, the processing will continue to the next-highest varietyReqd output.


Below is an example of an Entropy Reactor Waste recipe. The reactor will generate up to 3 Strange Matter 80% of the time, as long as the Variety rating is at 80% or higher.

    "type": "assemblylinemachines:entropy_reactor",
        "item": "assemblylinemachines:strange_matter"
    "varietyReqd": 0.8,
    "odds": 0.8,
    "max": 3