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Alloying Recipes

The Alloying recipe are for recipes you want to be performed in the Alloy Smelter. The Alloy Smelter will take in two inputs, process them, and output an ItemStack, typically an alloy or blend of some kind.

Recipe Specification

Recipe namespace: assemblylinemachines:alloying.

  • part_a: Ingredient With Count, required
    The first item in the recipe.
  • part_b: Ingredient With Count, required
    The second item in the recipe.
  • output: ItemStack With Tag, required
    The result stack for the recipe.
  • time: Positive Integer, required
    The time required to complete the operation. Every 12.5 in this value is equal to 1 second.
    For example, time: 100 would be equal to 8 seconds of processing time.
    Every Speed Upgrade in the machine will cut the processing time in half.


Below is an example of an Alloying recipe. This will take an Energized Gold and a Ground Netherite and output an Electrified Netherite Blend.

    "type": "assemblylinemachines:alloying",
        "tag": "forge:ingots/energized_gold"
        "tag": "forge:dusts/netherite"
        "item": "assemblylinemachines:electrified_netherite_blend"
    "time": 350