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Guide Book Capability

As part of the default configuration, when a new Player joins the server (or a single-player world), they will receive a copy of the mod's Patchouli guidebook, Assembly Lines & You, as long as Patchouli is installed. Assembly Line Machines exposes a custom capability for this system which allows rudimentary management of the distribution of the guide book on player join.

1.18.2+ Feature

A capability has only been exposed as of version 1.18.2-1.4. Prior to this version, the giving of the guide is attached directly to the Player and not through a capability.

Obtaining the Capability

The capability can be obtained by calling Entity#getCapability, but the capability will only return as present when requested on a Player, as it is not attached to other types of entities. The instance of the capability can be obtained by either accessing it via CapabilityManager.get, casting to Capability<IBookDistroCapability>, or by accessing the stored singleton at CapabilityBooks.BOOK_DISTRO_CAPABILITY. Sides are not used, so the side within obtaining the capability can be null. Finally, cast the LazyOptional<IBookDistroCapability> to IBookDistroCapability using your preferred method, and you have successfully obtained an instance of the Guide Book capability!


There is only a couple of methods available through the capability.

If the Player has not received the book, call this on the Server-side to give the Player a copy.

Returns a boolean with whether or not the Player has received a copy of the book.