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Assembly Line Machines

This is Assembly Line Machines, a complete reimagining of Minecraft's technological side. This mod features new features and an entirely new progression system, built from the ground up to give much more depth to Minecraft.


This mod is currently available using the Forge Modloader for current versions of Minecraft, and can be downloaded from CurseForge. Please note that the CurseForge is the only officially available download for this mod, and thus any redistribution websites shall not be considered official, and therefore will not receive support.


For documentation about progression, we strongly recommend Patchouli. That allows for in-game documentation to be presented in an aesthetically pleasing way.

For developer/packmaker information, this site will host up-to-date documentation for that audience for people who may want to implement one of ALM's tags or recipe types themselves.

Web Guide

There is also an out-of-date Web Guide available here, which covers content up until the mid-game. Please note that this information is relevant up until 1.17.1-1.2.1, and as the mod is updated, this information may lose accuracy.